A family tradition company

Carrau Family has been part of a small group of families around the world who have dedicated themselves tirelessly and quietly to cultivate a tradition that has transcended generations

About us

The winemaking tradition of the Carrau family begins in the famous region of Catalonia, Spain in 1752. Don Francisco Carrau Vehils, a fisherman from Vilassar de Mar, acquired the first family vineyard on April 2 of that year, the original document, wirtten by a Notary Public of Barcelona its kept in the museum of the family.
Since then, the Carrau family has been part of a small group of families around the world who have dedicated themselves, quietly and relentlessly, to the development of a tradition, currently representing ten generations of uninterrupted winemakers.
It is worth noting that the first medals were obtained in 1888 and 1892 by wines presented at international exhibitions in Barcelona and Chicago respectively. Established in Uruguay since 1930, the Carrau family is a pioneer in the development of quality wines.
Currently, Bodegas Carrau is a family business, where five brothers pay tribute to over 260 years of wisdom generated by their ancestors.

“In our warehouses, we follow the values that our parents learned from their parents and are our most precious inheritance: continuing education and innovation, promoting creativity of the winemaker in the vineyard and the winery, close contact with customers and consumers, respect for our providers and a fervent care of the main asset of a company: the team “.
The quality policy of Bodegas Carrau has one goal: to promote our wines through excellence based on respect for nature, development as our typical varietal Tannat and continuous scientific innovation applied to grapes and winemaking .


“Dedication and knowledge from the vine to the bottle to satisfy the most demanding consumers”


Produce fine wines leading the local market and compete with the best wines in the international market, satisfying the most demanding customers and consumers. For them every bottle of wine produced by Bodegas Carrau must:

  • Continuity

    Transmit knowledge and the concept of quality developed through uninterrupted ten generations of winemakers, together with the latest technological advances

  • Elaboration

    Be prepared with particular care and selected grapes.

  • Transmit

    Spreading the experience of each member to Bodegas Carrau. Those who are trained and motivated for the creation and care of all the details that means providing our customers with a good wine.

  • Listen to the consumer

    Reflect the suggestions of the market to achieve sensitive wines up to the expectations of our customers while faithfully mantain the style of the Bodegas Carrau´s wines.

More than 260 years of history

Know the old tradition of a family, where 10 generations (from his native Catalonia) are working quietly and with great conviction in the production of great wines and paving the way for a country that is becoming a mystery internationally due to their small family wineries and their admired jewel “Tannat”


The starting point

April 2, 1752

uvas bodegas carrau

The centuries-old tradition of a family in a scenario that day by day strengthens the growth of Uruguayan fine wines in the ascent. The presence of the Carrau family is an inescapable fact of this process in the framework of a long history that began in March in Catalonia.

Bodegas Carrau provides consistent quality as a primary goal. noble trades usually housed in the family tradition within repeated practice handed down from father to son. From grandparents to grandchildren a long career of perfection one day meet in the old commercial media.

Some of that still exists in the field of winemakers. So the Carrau family retains one precious document as a proof that on 2 April 1752 Don Francisco Carrau Vehils buy the first family vineyard in Catalonia.
On February 6, 1783 the notary certifies that so it was and that the vineyard is in Vilassar de mar. Today incorporated into the body of Barcelona.


background visitas a bodega

In 1840 Juan Carrau Ferrés engaged in the winery business.  The cellar books are jealously guarded by its current heirs. His grandson Juan Carrau Sust graduate winemaker at Villa Franca del Penades complies with the move, rather transplant true family to Uruguay.

Arrival in Uruguay

04.02.1752 Beginnings in Uruguay

Juan Carrau Sust arrives with his wife Catalina Pujol and five children between them Juan Francisco Carrau Pujol.

Carrau Sust joins to the founding of the winery Santa Rosa between 1930 and 1940. Growing with technology provided by the Catalan winemaker also brings to the champagne method to Uruguay and other special wines.

1949 A new stage


In 1949 in the prime of his youth Juan Francisco Carrau Pujol takes over the direction of Santa Rosa. He is married to Elena Bonomi who has 8 children including Francisco Javier and now run Bodegas Carrau.

1976 Founding of Bodegas Carrau

bodegas carrau fundación

In 1976 he founded Bodegas Carrau a project of Castel Pujol with high ambition for which matter imports virus-free vines clonal selection criteria revolutionary for that time. The ongoing project is declared of national interest in November 1977 because among other reasons the purpose was to export and make known Uruguayan wines in the international market.

The importance of this endeavor justifies that he is considered the starting point of a new stage in the National Viticulture. To properly implement well as the vineyards of Cerro chapeu the new company acquired the winery Pablo Varzi which was founded in 1887 and is part of the Italian contribution to the history of Uruguayan wine.



Vineyard Violets – Canelones

One of the goals of quality that has promoted Carrau in the vineyards and wineries is respect for nature. According to this principle, Uruguay offers one of the purest environments, according to the world ranking 2007 Environmental Sustainability Index and Yate University in the US, the first wine country with high quality of water, air and biodiversity protection. (visit Website: http://www.yale.edu/esi/).
The first family vineyard in Uruguay is acquired by Juan Carrau Sust after his arrival in Uruguay in 1930. “Las Violetas” just 39 km north of Montevideo. This region has calcareous soils, fertile black clay and with strict control of excellent grapes yield per hectare of mainly Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay are obtained. The oldest vineyard of the family is here with over 90 years of age and Marzeimno the Nebbiolo varieties.

Colón Winery – Montevideo

One of the oldest wineries in the country, built in 1887, was recovered by Carrau to the start of the project of exporting of fine wines from Uruguay. Its colonial house and the beautiful park and vineyard, make it an ideal place to discover some of the best wines of South America, just minutes from Montevideo. With a capacity of 12,000 hectoliters in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels.