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Vivent de Tannat

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VIVENT means life in Catalan. This was linked fortified wine from overripe of the Tannat variety of vineyards Cerro Chapeu grapes – Rivera. CLIMATE: Temperate and continental more than 300 m above sea level, with good thermal differential SOIL TYPE: Sandy reddish, very low fertility, deep and with very good drainage. TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Tannat plants 33 years. TYPE OF HARVEST: manual and transported in boxes of 15 kg. Crushing: bruised on small tanks where sinks hat manually. Winemaking: Alcoholic fermentation was stopped by the addition of wine alcohol, the wine is then racked 10 French oak barrels, where it remained for 18 months. BOTTLING: In May 2009 4000 bottles with minimal handling and unfiltered packaged.