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Vivent de Petit Manseng

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VIVENT means life in Catalan. This was linked fortified wine from ripe grapes of Petit Manseng.

CLIMATE: Temperate and influenced by the coastal climate of the Rio de la Plata.

SOIL TYPE: black, rich in silt and organic matter.

GRAPES: 100% Petit Manseng.

TYPE OF HARVEST: Manual and transported in boxes of 15 kg.
Crushing and fermenting vats: The very ripe grapes, almost pasificadas were cooled, then ground and were then very gently pressed, the must is fermented in French oak barrels 10 using native yeasts. At the end of the same brandy he was added to stabilize and remained in barrels for one year.

BOTTLING: In May 2011 3842 bottles with minimal handling and unfiltered packaged.

REGION: Melilla – Montevideo