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Castel Pujol Roble Chardonnay

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Castel Pujol was released in 1975 after starting one of the first vineyards in the country retrofits. This
brand with its Classics line is considered the precursor of the wines of Uruguay, both in the local market and for the
export. This Oak Line reflects the innovative spirit of the Carrau family and brings out the best of the region’s prestigious
Violets in southern Uruguay.
CLIMATE: Influenced by the coastal climate of the Rio de la Plata.

SOIL TYPE: black, rich in clay and organic matter where high yields are achieved by Ha,
They are controlled by the action of thinning of clusters.

TYPE OF GRAPES: 100% Chardonnay Violets.

TYPE OF HARVEST: Manual in boxes of 16 kg.

He wrung: Total, with complete grinding and cooling thereof, decanted into subsequently press where it is extracted
only the best ratio of grapes

It bottling: It is packed in July 2011