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AMAT in Alaska


I don’t know if you recall, but my wife and I visited and toured your winery with you and Ryan Hamilton on March 3. At the end of the tour I mentioned that I take a trip to Alaska every year and that my group always takes along the finest wines we can find. Amat Tannat certainly made my list. As promised, I have attached a photo of myself enjoying a glass of Amat in the bush of Alaska. The bottle had to travel over 20,000 kilometers cruising from Montevideo Uruguay to Valparaiso , made 8 plane flights, and floated 20 miles down a river to get to the point where we popped the cork. A spectacular wine in a spectacular setting. And yes, those are grizzly bears in the background. Thanks again for the great visit, the wonderful hospitality and your excellent wines. I hope to visit Uruguay again soon. God bless you and take care.


Rocky Suess
Woodbridge, CA  USA

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